Remote work: Create a "My Assignments" view in TimeTonic

I create my assignments in a few clicks
Remote work

In this period of increased telework and to stay organised and efficient, what could be more convenient than having direct access to one's own tasks in progress or to be done.

TimeTonic allows you to set up a "My Assignments" view with just a few clicks.

From the list of your teams

In your "interventions" notebook, create your team members and assign each one their tasks to be done or finalized, taking care to indicate the name of their TimeTonic identifier.

The TimeTonic or User ID is located on the left hand side

From the table of your interventions

Create a link in the "assigned to" column to the person you want to assign the task to.

The complete list of all assignments appears in the column "assigned to".

From the table of your interventions

Create a filter in the "Assigned to" column to show only your own assignments.

The sorting window allows you to choose your identifier

From the table of your interventions

Once you have sorted and saved the view, you will only see your own assignments.

A clear overview of the status of my assignments and my work programme

To learn more, take a look at our tutorial.

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