About TimeTonic

Our Mission Statement

Help companies simplify their management and accelerate their digital transformation.

Who are we?

TimeTonic replaces Excel files, complex software and specific developments that slow down your company with solutions that are simple to use, share a common source of information and are easy to adapt to your needs, optimizing the management of your business.

CRM / Customer Relationship Management, Project Management, HR Management, CMMS / Maintenance, Brokerage, mobile interventions, site follow-up, custom developments ... there is no limit to what you can do with TimeTonic.

Get started in minutes with our complete solutions designed by experts in your business or create your own custom applications, cloud and mobile, without writing a single line of code!

By allowing you to centralize information, automate your business processes and quickly create custom solutions without programming, TimeTonic accelerates your digital transformation and helps your teams become agile.

"We've gained 20 years of development" - Engie Vertuoz.
"We've replaced Salesforce, Excel, Trello" - Capgemini ASE.

Voted the best SaaS solution by Eurocloud, TimeTonic is a French intelligent visual database, management and communication solution that can be fully customized without programming (no-code) and is already used by thousands of professionals, SMEs and large groups, including Engie, Vinci and Veolia.

A paradigm shift. Data is the Application!

Free yourself from complex, rigid or unsuitable tools that waste time and money.

Get in touch with yourself, take control of your organization and finally harness the power of digital technology to achieve the great things that await you.

A word from the president

Organizations of all sizes want to accelerate their digital transformation into a truly agile mode, without having to constantly call on the IT department, use a myriad of complex tools, do lengthy and costly developments, or call on external consultants.

They want to be able to seize opportunities, react quickly to threats, unleash the creativity of their teams, use digital technology to simplify their daily lives, collaborate better, promote teleworking and mobile access to information, innovate and increase their competitiveness.

To answer this mission, our vision has been to start by asking ourselves: what is common and most important in all business management tools? And the answer was: data.

TimeTonic's success is linked to this disruptive approach - which we summarize as "Data is the Application", to the idea that every professional should be able to manage their data and projects, design their own cloud, mobile and collaborative solutions, digitize and automate their business processes, without limits and without programming, and to the promise that we should always be available to help them do so.

Welcome to TimeTonic, *your* cloud and mobile collaborative management platform, fully customizable without programming to meet all your needs.

Jean-Michel Durocher